Cable assemblies from WH-Elektronik


Cable sets

Specific wiring for plant, machine and vehicle construction, comprising multiple individual cables.
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D-sub cables (with metal handle caps) D-sub cables (with plastic handle caps) USB cables with full-seal dust and moisture protection Insulation displacement connectors

Cable harnesses

A bundle of individual wires for transferring electrical signals. Cables are grouped by function into a cable harness using clamps, tubing, cable ties or lacing.
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Strands with wire end ferrules Cable harness with feed-throughs Cable harness with assembly plates Complete functional testing of the cable harnesses

Coaxial cables

Available as low-loss or high-shielded semi-flex, with cost-effective PE or high-quality PTFE cables, by the metre or as customised assembled versions. Our products include:
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Straight coaxial connectors Angled coaxial connectors Gold-plated versions Fully assembled coaxial cables

Fibre-optic cables

Assembled fibre-optic cables and wires, with and without connectors, for transferring light. Light is transferred along fibres made from quartz glass or plastic (polymer optical fibres).
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Assembled POF fibre-optic cables

Flat-ribbon cables

Used primarily in insulation displacement connectors and equipped with pin or D-sub connectors, these cables allow for easy connection of multi-core, symmetrical strands and solid conductors without the need for insulation removal.
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Flat-ribbon cables, spliced with various outlets Flat-ribbon cables with any contact arrangement and strain relief Flat-ribbon cables as circuit-board connectors Close-up of insulation displacement connector

Round flat cables

Round flat-ribbon cable with optional shielded outer sheath.
Various round flat cables with any contact arrangement

Motor cables

Servo motors, resolver and encoder cables for static routing or use in cable carrier systems. The outer sheath has been developed to allow use in industrial environments. Fully compatible with your specific drive systems.
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Motor cables compliant with all usual standards (e.g. Lense) Resolver cables compliant with all usual standards (e.g. Lense) Including encoder cables

Encoder cables

For signal-transfer systems.
Encoder cables compliant with all usual standards (e.g. Lense)

Mains cables

Mains plugs and sockets in pointed/assembled, straight/angled versions.
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Standard mains cables Mains extensions High-current connectors Adapters

Single cores/single strands

Single cores/single strands can be manufactured with a cross-section of up to 90 mm2, individually labelled/imprinted with inkjet technology, tin plated and fitted with wire end ferrules, blade terminals or cable shoes (special versions). Ultrasonic compaction and/or double crimping is available on request.
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Assembled single strands Single strands with blade terminal and forked cable shoe Alternative versions Individual cable with various contact arrangements

Earth components

Insulated or as bare copper earth wire, with a cross-section of up to 240 mm2 and terminal assembly as required.
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Insulated earth components Earth wire

Earth connectors

Flexible, tin-plated earth connectors of flat copper braid for all types of fastening screw. Seamless compression and individual end assembly.
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Earth straps of flexible flat copper braid with compressed end ferrules Earth straps of flexible flat copper braid with swaged end ferrules Bare copper-versions Multiple braid version